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Hi, my name is Simon Lown. I'm a Graphic Designer, based in the UK. 
I've specialised in graphic design and creative direction for action sports, outdoors and lifestyle brands, for over 15 years. In this time I have created work for a number of internationally recognised businesses, with both regional & global reach.
As a graphic designer, my work focuses on brand development, print design & production, packaging, design for apparel & accessories, marketing, events and promotions - with a bit of illustration sneaking in along the way.
I love bringing creative concepts to life and have a strong background in producing and directing lifestyle photo/video shoots which have taken me to some wild and wonderful places around the globe.
Much of my design work has centred around my keen interest for action sports, the outdoors, and a love of travel and culture. It's in this melting pot of passionate individuals, athletes, artisans and free-thinkers that I find a kinship which inspires and fuels my work.
If you would like to work together, please feel free to get in touch at:

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